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* Duties, Missions, and Authorities
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Duties, Missions and Authorities of NCC

Duties of NCC

ð     Accommodating the convergence of technology

ð     Promoting the sound development of communications

ð     Safeguarding the rights of citizens

ð     Protecting the interests of consumers

ð     Promoting cultural diversity

Missions of NCC 

ð     Promoting the healthy development of communications

ð     Preserving the independence of the media

ð     Exercising regulation on communications effectively

ð     Ensuring fair and effective competition in the communications market

ð     Protecting the consumer and respect the rights of the disadvantaged

ð     Promoting the balanced development of cultural diversity


NCC Authorities

ð     Developing regulatory policies & regulations

ð     Processing applications for licenses

ð     Overseeing communications operations

ð     Regulating content of broadcasting

ð     Assigning radio frequency and numbers

ð     Setting engineering and technical specifications and conducting type-approval

ð     Setting info-communications security standards and regulations

ð     Protecting consumers interests

ð     Engaging in international matters relating to communications  operation

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