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Events Highlights

Foreign Participants of the Taiwan Mass Media Development Workshop Visit NCC中文
←NCC Commissioner Lee, Ta-Sung stated communications development in Taiwan

A group of twenty-five foreign trainee professionals visited Taiwanese media institutes and government departments, including a visit to the National Communications Commission (NCC) in the afternoon of March 8th, 2010. The trainees shared similar fields in mass media and came from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and countries. The visit was an activity of the Taiwan Mass Media Development Workshop which had been coordinated by International Cooperation and Development Fund to deepen understanding of media development process in Taiwan.

Upon arrival at NCC, they were greeted by Commissioner Lee and given an introduction to the NCC. The Planning Department and the Department of Broadcasting Contents also proposed presentations on the communications policy development and supervision system in Taiwan.

During the visiting the workshop participants raised various questions regarding issues such as digital transition, the management and development of media, content regulations and advertisement supervision in Taiwan. The following is a brief summary of the discussion:

Commissioner Lee stated that, in order to use radio frequency efficiently, provide people greater choice, and develop the digital content industry, Taiwan is about to complete the transition to digital television in 2012. NCC has proposed two schemes regarding the subsidy of set-up boxes. Scheme A is the subsidy for all families in Taiwan, which provides one set-up box for each family. Scheme B only provides subsidies to low income families with one set-up box for each family. The proposal has been sent to the Executive Yuan and waiting for final approval.

Regarding the content and advertisements regulation, NCC devotes to respect freedom of press, protect minors, encourage co-regulation system, develop a fair and responsible media environment, and remain policy transparency, etc. In addition, NCC encourages broadcasting companies to establish self-regulation mechanisms, such as a news ombudsman system and independence convention of the pressroom. Moreover, NCC has acquired the services of representatives of various civil groups, as well as scholars and specialists in communications, social education and law to form the Consultation Commission on Broadcasting Content in order to increase public participation in media supervision. The commission holds regular broadcasting, television programs, and advertising consultation meetings, during which programs or advertisements motioned by the council or the public for possible breaches of legislations are discussed, and where advice is given or action for individual cases are suggested. After the meeting, an overview of the suggested propositions is presented to the NCC for its deliberation.

←NCC Commissioner Lee, Da-Sung (center) and Deputy Director of Dept. of Broadcasting Contents (left 1) with Foreign Participants of the Taiwan Mass Media Development Workshop

The event took place in a warm atmosphere and the mutual exchange helped trainee professionals to better their understanding of the development of communications in Taiwan, as well as provide a valuable reference for respective development of communications in their own countries.