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Mr. William A. Stanton, Director of AIT in Taipei, Visits NCC Chairperson, Dr. Peng, Bonnie of NCC to Discuss Communication Policies of both the US and Taiwan中文
Mr. Stanton, Director of AIT in Taipei exchanges gifts with Dr. Peng, Bonnie, chairperson of NCC

Mr. William A. Stanton, the Director of AIT in Taipei, along with Chief of Public Affairs Section, Mr. Thomas Hodges, and the official of Economic Section, Mr. Matthew O’Connor, paid a visit to Chairperson Dr. Peng, Bonnie of NCC on the morning of Monday, March 22. This was the first visit of Mr. Stanton to Dr. Peng since Mr. Stanton arrived in Taipei in Aug 2009 for his current position. Both exchanged insights on the communication and broadcasting supervision policies of both the United States and Taiwan.

To achieve the goals of promoting the sound development of communications and broadcasting, protecting citizens’ rights, upholding consumers’ benefits, and improving diverse cultures, NCC is planning to make adjustments of policy - in the division of responsibility between central and local governments on the management of cable radio and television, the responsibility of TV/radio program and commercial management, authority of approving service charges for basic TV channels, elimination of media monopoly, digital service update programs, and opening up of shareholdings in the hands of political parties, governments, and military service - by amending the Radio and Television Act, Cable Radio and Television Act, Satellite Radio and Television Act, and Telecommunications Act. NCC has already held several meetings to discuss such issues. The draft of the amendment of several articles in the Satellite Radio and Television Act has been submitted to the Executive Yuan for review, and a hearing session will be held for the draft of the amendment of several articles of the Cable Radio and Television Act.

The digitization plan, for instance, Dr. Peng indicated that Taiwan is planning to complete the switchover to digital television in 2012. So far NCC has submitted two proposals to the Executive Yuan regarding the subsidies for set-top box. The first suggests subsidies to all households in Taiwan for one set-top box, while the second provides subsidies only to the low-income households. In addition, in light of the policy of opening up digital television channels, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications plans to release 5 licenses for digital radio and television and 2 for mobile television, while NCC will issue the licenses according to applicable laws, such as the Radio and Television Act and Telecommunications Act.
This meeting came to a perfect ending after a cordial talk between both sides foreseeing enhanced interactions and cooperation in the future.