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Dr. Erik Bohlin, Chairman of International Telecommunication Society calls on the National Communications Commission中文
International Telecommunication Society Chairman Dr. Erik Bohlin with National Communications Commission Commissioner Ta-Sung Lee

International Telecommunication Society (ITS) Chairman Dr. Erik Bohlin, accompanied by Zsehong Tsai, Director General of Taiwan Communications Society, and its Secretary General, Dr. Roy Lee called on the National Communications Commission and were met by NCC Commissioner Ta-Sung Lee on Thursday, May 13th 2010.
Chairman Erik Bohlin was invited to Taiwan primarily to make preliminary arrangements for 2011 Regional Conference, which will be convened in Taiwan, and to manifest Taiwan’s significant contribution in international telecommunication research.
ITS is an independent non-profit organization constituted to provide a communicative forum to telecommunication academies, companies, researchers, policymakers and the representatives of international organizations. In such a forum, representatives from around the world in any field can conduct discussions, seek solutions, and exchange ideas on major issues in telecommunication, communications and information areas. At present, ITS consists of more than 400 members, with key figures ranging from business, government, academy and research.

Chairman Bohlin is a reputable scholar in the international telecommunications and information society and has had a wide range of articles released on policies, strategies and management amid the information society in the form of major periodicals. He is also a chief editor of the well-known SSCI periodical Telecommunication Policy.

This visit covered not only a discussion on the ITS regional conference and the research issues during recent years, but also provided an opportunity to exchange views on national broadband projects, universal service, digital TV conversion, license issuance and spectrum management.
(Left to Right) NCC staff, Commissioner Ta-Sung Lee, Dr. Erik Bohlin, Dr. Zsehong Tsai, Director General of Taiwan Communications Society and its Secretary General, Dr. Roy Lee