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Events Highlights

Commissioner Chorng-Jian Liu attends the Ministerial Programme 2011 of the Mobile World Congress and exchanges views with ministers from nations around the world中文
Commissioner Chorng-Jian Liu of the NCC, and a colleague, attended the GSMA 2011 MWC in Barcelona, Feb 14-17 2011. Ministers and Commissioners of competent agencies of communications, heads of supervisory institutes, and executives of the industrial sector from approximately 130 countries participated in this event, at the beginning of which Dr. Hamadoun Touré, the Secretary-General of ITU, gave an opening keynote.

Discussions at the event covered a broad range of issues: changes and impact of the communications application services and industrial ecosystem; priorities of mobile broadband spectrum management; the establishment of an open mobile Internet; the introduction of mobile communications into daily life and health/medical care for the new era; and the planning of mobile communication base stations and their associated health issues.

Some of the highlights being exhibited at the event were smart phones, LTE wireless cards (Dongle) and LTE chip-set embedded tablet computers, laptops, and many more types of mobile and terminal equipment; compact base stations that integrate the antenna, or an antenna that can be connected in a series as needed, compatible with GSM, WCDMA and HSPA also featured; others included future mobile broadband applications focusing on Internet of Things, video communications (including video telephone, teleconferencing, movies and television), online games, location-based service, and many more.

The NCC delegation had positive and frequent interaction with other delegates and the event sponsors, including Dr. Pavel Dvořák, the Chairman of Czech Telecommunications Office, Vice Director-general and Executive Director of Telecommunication and Postal Affairs Department from IDA Singapore, Director of International Affairs Division from Undersecretariate of Telecommunications in Chile, Chairman and CEO of E-Development International and the Chief of Government & Supervision Affairs from GSMA, etc. All appreciated the opportunity to warmly discuss the topics at the event, which pertained to future market developments.

Commissioner Chorng-Jian Liu and Dr. Pavel Dvořák of Czech Telecommunications Office at the meeting site