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Events Highlights

Chairperson Su leads a delegation to Ofcom to exchange views on digital switchover and content regulation.中文
With a view to achieving the nation’s digital convergence goal by 2015 and to deepening international engagement, NCC Chairperson Herng Su and Commissioner Shyue-Win Wei departed for the U.K. on July 9, where they paid visits to the Dept. of Culture, Ofcom, Digital UK, and Openreach to exchange views on digital switchover, content regulation, national broadband infrastructure deployment, etc.

Chairman of Ofcom, Ms. Colette Bowe who once met with NCC Chairperson Su at 2010 IIC annual conference in Barcelona particularly withdrew from another itinerary to meet with NCC delegation.

The delegation came back on July 15. All members regarded this trip as a beneficial one to keep abreast with the latest trend of communications in the international context. In addition, valuable experience from peer regulatory agencies could also provide good references for NCC policy-making and regulation formulating.

← NCC delegation called on Chairman Colette Bowe of Ofcom.

← A representative of Openreach was presenting the overview of LLU in Britain.