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Events Highlights

Chairperson Su attends the annual IPI event and meets the CEO of the BBC中文
The annual event of the International Press Institute (IPI) for 2011 was held at the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel on September 25. This was the sixtieth occasion and coincided with the centenary of the founding of the Republic of China.

President Ying-Jeou Ma also attended and during his speech mentioned that there were no obstacles for freedom of news in Taiwan. The President also expressed his appreciation to the IPI for supporting Taiwan and its rights to attend international activities and organizations.

NCC Chairperson Herng Su was also invited to attend and met Mark Thompson, the CEO of the BBC at the dinner party held by the Government Information Office (GIO) Minister Philip Yang. They exchanged opinions on digital conversion, 3D TV development, mobile TV, HD TV and future digital TV technology.

Mark Thompson was especially pleased to learn that three channels of BBC are currently broadcasting on the MOD network in Taiwan. Herng Su described how Taiwan is on schedule with its plan for the digital-conversion in July next year. Additionally, Herng Su took the opportunity to clarify certain discrepancies to Mr. Thompson between the description of the BBC Chinese Network and current status of the mass media development and supervision.

Photo: NCC Chairperson Herng Su and the CEO of BBC Mark Thompson.