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Chairperson Su Herng meets CSC Chairperson of Burkina Faso to discuss content regulation, anticipates continued exchanges中文
NCC Chairperson Su Herng met with Chairperson of the High Council of Communications (CSC) of Burkina Faso, Ms. Béatrice Noellie Marie DAMIBA, President of Freedom, Ethical and Standards Commission, Mr. Joseph KAHOUN, and Ambassador Jacques SAWADOGO on the morning of November 8. They exchanged points of views on communications and freedom of press.

Initially established in 1994, the High Council of Communications (CSC) of Burkina Faso changed its name to CSC in 2005. As an independent regulator, CSC has higher status than other ministerial departments or agencies. Twelve commissioners serve three-year terms. Four of them including chairperson are appointed by the president of Burkina Faso; four by professional associations of communication and broadcasting; three by the President of the National Assembly and the remaining one by the President of the Constitutional Council. Commissioners may be reappointed and serve consecutive terms. The Chairperson keeps a full time position, whereas the remaining serve in a part-time capacity.

The primary duties of CSC include the regulation for the press and the broadcasting to ensure their operations are in accordance with the laws, license issuing, spectrum management, and to ensure fair media reporting for candidates and political parties during elections. As such, Chairperson DAMIBA expressed her interest in how NCC regulates the media during elections.

NCC Chairperson Su Herng explained that one of the duties of the NCC is to regulate broadcasting content and that the NCC coordinates closely with other government departments or agencies, such as Central Election Commission, Dept. of Health, Executive Yuan and Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan, to conduct law enforcement activities.

Since the communications development of Burkina Faso is still in the early stages, NCC Chairperson Su Herng expects both sides will have more opportunities to exchange experiences and establish closer friendship in the future.

← NCC Chairperson Su Herng and CSC Chairperson DAMIBA are at the bilateral meeting on November 8.