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Broadband for Villages and Broadband for Tribes

Issue Date:2015/09/11

NCC Chairperson Howard Shyr visits Matsu to inspect the Cable TV services and the effectiveness of Telecommunications Universal Service on Sep 10-11中文

In order to promote the digitization of cable TV in the Matsu area so that local residents can access the same high-quality services as those in urban areas, and enhance the quality of telecommunications services by means of the effective deployment of telecommunications universal services, thereby reducing the digital divide in Matsu and other off-islands, NCC Chairperson Howard Shyr led members of Administrative Commission of the Cable Radio and Television Development Fund and Telecommunications Universal Service Fund Administrative Committee and its project team and Contributors to Matsu on September 10-11. The team inspected the results of the implementation of telecommunications universal services and held a Forum with Legislators Hsuen-Sheng Chen Magistrate Cheng-Ying Liu of Lienchiang County, Speaker Yung-Chiang Chang of Lienchiang County Council and related operators in Lienchiang County Chung Cheng Junior high school to exchange ideas with attendees. The forum covered issues such as the promotion of digital cable TV, enhancing the speed of mobile communications networks, telecommunications universal services and cable TV digital correlation subsidy measures, and reducing the digital divide, The team expressed its hope that the “Blue Ocean Strategy” can be co-developed, through the central government, local government and operators mutual and cooperation, to promote local industrial development and seek the greatest welfare of the local people in Matsu.

It was noted that Xiang Tong Cable TV is the only cable TV company in the Matsu area. However, the company cannot benefit from subsidies of the Cable Radio and Television Development Fund, because Xiang Tong did not pay the 1% annual revenue to NCC in the past. In June 17, 2015, at the 648th Committee Meeting NCC passed a resolution to revise "Essential operations in promoting the development of cable broadcasting," meaning that  Xiang Tong Cable TV should allocate 1% of its annual revenue to the Cable Fund; and as a result, local digital cable TV can be enhanced significantly.

With regards to the deployment of broadband, in most offshore-islands in 2008, there was no fiber network, but due to assertive deployment of Chunghwa Telecom, targets were finally reached of 100Mbps in November, 2012; moreover, 21 FTTH Cross connecting terminals have been accomplished. And the speed of networks has already reached 12Mbps over the whole area.

NCC expressed the need for the effective use of both the Cable Fund and the telecommunications Universal Service Fund to improve off-island cable TV and telecommunications services, as well as the continual support of local governments to facilitate operators’ land acquisition, rights of way, and miscellaneous licenses in order to reduce the digital divide.