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Issue Date:2007/01/31

The Service Quality Standard for Fixed Network Telecommunication Business

The Service Quality Standard for Fixed Network Telecommunication Business(Jan. 31, 2007)

(Unofficial Translation)

  1. This Service Quality Standard (hereinafter referred to as The Standard)is specially established to ensure the service quality and network performances for the fixed network telecommunication business in order to integrate the national information infrastructure after opening up the telecom market and to protect consumers’ rights and interests.
  2. The Standard is applicable to fixed network telecommunication operators.
  3. The service quality for Fixed Communication Business can be classified as Quality of Customer Service and Quality of Network Performance.
  4. Quality of Customer Service

(1)Standard Items and Index:

(i)Installation Intervals

(ii)Answer Rate

(iii)Annual Fault Times

(iv)Fault Repair Intervals

(v)Installation Intervals for Leased Circuit

(vi)Billing Accuracy

(vii)Subscriber’s Satisfaction.

The index of the above-mentioned service quality items is listed as attachment. The National Communications Commission (hereinafter referred to as the NCC)shall depend on an actual demand to add and modify.

(2)Methods to judge and approve can be divided as two steps as follows:

(i)Self-assessment by Operators

After receiving notice from the NCC, the operators shall conduct a self-assessment according to the index for quality of service pursuant to the attached table (except subscriber’s satisfaction)by themselves and report to the NCC within a time limit.

Self-assessment that proceed with a study of random sampling must be merged to promulgate sampling methods, sampling quantity, statistics model and each result under a statistics error with a level of certain confidence.

(ii)Double Review Conducted by the NCC

The NCC shall conduct a double review for the results that Operators engage in self-assessement and subscriber’s satisfaction to commission review and comparison, and shall depend on an actual demand to invite scholars and professionals as well as consumer protection organizations such as Consumer’s Foundation, Chinese Taipei and Chinese Society for Quality to participate for a joint review together.

  1. Quality of Network Performance

The items, index and methods to judge and approve of network performance quality shall be conducted pursuant to the Systems Inspection Technical Standards for Each Telecommunications Equipment established by the NCC