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Issue Date:2021/12/03

NCC undertakes inspection of disaster prevention mobile communications infrastructure in Penghu中文

The National Communications Commission (NCC), accompanied with Professor Wang Chun-Qing and Professor Guo Wen-zhong, as well as representatives from the five main telecommunications operators, has carried out an inspection of the disaster prevention mobile communications infrastructure Penghu. The inspection, which took place over a two day period of December 2-3, also focused on the examination of the construction safety management mechanisms and standards of the operators when constructing mobile communication base stations.

It was noted that due to sea winds and saline damage, some base station towers have been severely corroded and are therefore vulnerable to typhoons and at risk of collapse or damage. Since 2017, NCC has assisted telecom operators to reconstruct corroded towers through its Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. Until now, four towers have been renovated, and two more will be done so by 2022. What’s more, reconstructed towers have a superior resistance to sea winds and saline damage, and are capable of withstanding strong gusts of level 15.

Additionally, in recent years, while constructing mobile communication base stations in Penghu, a couple of fires have occurred due to negligence. In that light, NCC, has strongly urged the telecom operators to pay much more attention to the construction safety management, so as to prevent any accident or harm to the on-site workers, local residents, or surroundings.

NCC believes that with good construction quality and safety management, the telecom operators shall be able to provide better mobile communication services in Penghu. Moreover, with the construction of the disaster prevention mobile communications infrastructure, the efficiency of disaster prevention and rescue will be significantly improved in the area as well.