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Issue Date:2023/01/19

NCC clamping down on the online trading of illegal controlled telecommunications radio-frequency devices; violators subject to fines of up to NTD200,000

In view of the increased trading of uncertified controlled telecommunications radio-frequency devices online, the National Communications Commission (NCC) will continue to clamp down on such activities to maintain the order of radio spectrum, avoid interference of legal communications, and protect consumers’ rights and interests. The clampdown will focus on the online trading of devices that have not been certified by NCC; violators shall be subject to fines of up to NTD200,000.

Due to the rise of digital and stay-at-home economy, online stores and online shopping has become increasingly popular. Consequently, during recent years, a large volume of uncertified controlled telecommunications radio-frequency devices has been made available online, violating paragraph 1, Article 66 of the Telecommunications Management Act, which states, “Only controlled telecommunications radio frequency devices that comply with technical specifications and pass relevant inspections can be traded...”

NCC emphasized that it had already advocated the above provision to internet platform operators and sellers. In that light, the commission will continue to assist the telecommunications investigation brigade of the Criminal Investigation Bureau in clamping down on illegal trading, and, in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 81 of Telecommunications Management Act, impose a fine on those violating the provision  of up to NTD200, 000, depending on degree of culpability, impacts and illegal gains.  

Thus, NCC reminds the public that, according to Article 90 of the Telecommunications Management Act, may notify the parties involved in the illegal trading to submit account books, documents and other necessary information or evidence (of the seller). The commission hereby also reminds platform operators not to avoid, obstruct or refuse an investigation without justifiable reasons. Therefore, those involved in trading illegal controlled telecommunications radio-frequency devices should not push their luck by challenging the law.

NCC also reminds people that, to protect their rights and interests, they should confirm whether the NCC’s certification mark is labeled on the product or website prior to purchasing a controlled telecommunications radio-frequency device online. In addition, NCC also provides the “Type-Certification Data Inquiry” website ( that enables the public to check whether the certification mark on the product or internet is legitimate.