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Issue Date:2021/02/11

Safer Internet Day, iWIN Reminds the Public Not to Forget Internet Safety for Children During Chinese New Year中文

  In 2004, with the aim of raising public awareness of internet safety, the European Union launched an event naming the second Tuesday of February Safer Internet Day. Since then, Safer Internet Day has become an iconic occasion worldwide and in 2021, the Institute of Watch Internet Network (iWIN) is certainly not missing out on the opportunity to participate.

  According to a survey conducted by iWIN, the age children begin using consumer electronics is decreasing every year so that most children now first start using consumer electronics by the age of six or seven. As a result, issues about personal data security and problems with cyber bullying have become an even greater concern. In order to raise awareness of safety issues for children online, iWIN has partnered with the digital learning platform, PaGamO, to launch the iWIN Little Vanguard Mission activity, which teaches children internet safety concepts in the form of fun interaction. Besides promoting preventive measures, the activity also provides information about seeking help from iWIN when children become victims of cyberbullying or when their private photos or details have been leaked with the aim of reminding children that seeking help immediately can minimize damage. iWIN has also organized online safety seminars on campuses throughout Taiwan for 2021. The planned seminars integrate online and offline resources to promote knowledge related to internet safety, allowing students, teachers, and parents to stay up to date with the latest safety concepts.

  Besides learning about internet safety through the iWIN Little Vanguard Mission activity, iWIN also wants to remind the public to review their privacy settings on social media platforms and communication software. To illustrate, internet users can imagine that installing antivirus software is like wearing a helmet when riding a bike or wearing a seatbelt in the car. Although it  does not provide absolute security, it does provide an additional layer of protection. Furthermore, internet safety depends on an individual’s internet literacy. People should avoid risky activities online and avoid receiving or sending inappropriate content. For more information about protection settings and internet literacy, please visit the iWIN official website and fan page.

  Lastly, we would like to remind everyone to use their devices in moderation during the holidays and be mindful of your safety on the internet. If you see any inappropriate content pertaining to minors, internet bullying, or private photos, please report the content to iWIN by using the following link:

  Institute of Watch Internet Network (iWIN) service hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00, closed on weekends and holidays.

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