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Issue Date:2021/08/04

NCC observing development of international low-orbit satellites

  In order to align with the international development of low-orbit satellite services, NCC has been undertaking a thorough analysis of relevant issues with view to making an appropriate regulatory response so as to encourage low-orbit satellite operators to cooperate with the nation’s telecommunications industry.

  Discussions concerning the amendment of Radio Frequency Supply Plan, drafted by the Ministry of Transportation, will also take place soon; the amendment has been drafted so as to encompass low-orbit satellite services frequency bands.

  In the meantime, NCC has also undertaken studies of other regulatory adjustments that welcome low-orbit satellite services. It was noted that even though global mobile communications continue to show robust growth, those living in remote areas are often unable to obtain reliable broadband network services due to the high cost of optical fiber deployment. Consequently, low-orbit satellites have become an alternative solution.

  At present, international companies, such as SpaceX, OneWeb, and Amazon have also been actively developing service models. Applications for frequency use and orbit resources have already been submitted to regulatory agencies in the United States, Australia, Germany, as well as other nations with view to establishing a foothold in emerging markets.

  Although the development of low-orbit satellite communications continues to receive global attention, the service quality of low-orbit satellites remains uncertain owing to the fact that satellite communications are limited by extreme weather factors, such as precipitation and storms, etc. What's more, solar winds and flares in space can also disrupt communications.

  Regulatory agencies all over the world are still considering potential competition and cooperation between low-orbit satellite services and existing telecommunication services. Although the regulatory framework for low-orbit satellites is still under the early stages of development, regulatory responses will be undertaken with the aim of ensuring the harmonious coexistence between low-orbit satellites and ground mobile communications.

  NCC shall continue to observe international trends and develop relevant supporting measures to promote the Internet of Things and the future digital economy of Taiwan.