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Issue Date:2021/08/24

NCC assists national examinations to prevent illegal use of controlled telecommunications radio-frequency devices during examinations

  Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many examinations have been postponed this year. As the situation is getting controlled, the government lifts some restrictions from July 29 this year, and various examinations will resume. During the college entrance examination period, radio wave monitoring vehicles and crews were dispatched by Director General of Northern Region Supervisory Department, National Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Jiun-Yu Wen, to assist College Entrance Examination Center (CEEC) in detecting abnormal radio wave signals in the examination rooms. The measure was undertaken to end any attempt at examination fraud through the use of communications equipment.

  With the rapid development of technology, communications devices have become smaller and, therefore, easier to hide and misuse during examinations. In order to protect fairness of the examination process, NCC was commissioned to assist in the detection of radio waves being used to cheat during examinations. In order to undertake such endeavors, a new kind of radio wave monitoring equipment which can automatically scan, compare, warn and demodulate frequency bands to detect abnormal signal frequencies, has been deployed since 2018. In order to improve mobility, hand-held devices are used to detect signals in the examination rooms, effectively eliminating electronic fraud.

  Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, those undertaking the monitoring adhered to mask use and social distancing guidelines throughout the entire process.

  Through the close cooperation of NCC and CEEC staff, the use of telecommunications devices to cheat during an examination was prevented during the epidemic and the examination process concluded successfully in maintaining fairness of examinations.