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Issue Date:2021/10/25

NCC Completes 2021Professional Literacy Training of Broadcast Media

    With view to strengthening the professional literacy of broadcast media in the age of digital convergence, NCC designed its online training course, which has already been provided to broadcasters on four separate occasions this year. The course includes the media's responses to the needs of the local audience, case studies on specific laws, policies and violations, self-regulation mechanisms, management tactics, as well as recent developments in broadcast media and information technology.

    Three main aspects are covered; first, it provides an overview of the characteristics and functions of broadcast media, focusing on industry trends and challenges and how to maintain advantages through differentiation strategies. The course then moves on to cover a range of diverse topics affecting broadcasting programs, such as gender equality, rights of minors, physical and mental disabilities, languages and culture. Finally, it explains certain laws and regulations, particularly in medicines, cosmetics, and food advertisements so that broadcasters can gain greater awareness of legal perspective in these areas.

    The NCC shall continue to organize such training activities each year, helping broadcasters enhance capabilities and their understanding of recent developments so that, ultimately, broadcasting companies can be enabled to increase production capacity and create more high-quality broadcasting content.