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Issue Date:2019/05/29

NCC implements policy for high-definition basic channels of the cable TV industry中文

  With view to promoting the comprehensive broadcasting of HD basic channel programs on domestic cable TV by the end of 2019, the National Communications Commission (NCC), during its 830th and 838th committee meetings, adopted policy and consequent action plan for improvement in quality of the cable TV industry.

  NCC stated that during its 857th committee meeting, upon consideration of the distinctiveness of certain cable TV programs, such as a music channel that only broadcasts audio as well as a static channel showing a summary table, the exclusion of high-quality broadcasts for some types of channels of the basic channel was discussed. The discussion took into account the fact that public channels are, by their nature, for the public, the original picture quality and spirit of the production should be respected, and calculation of the high-quality broadcast of some basic channels could be excluded.