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Issue Date:2019/08/14

NCC promotes the 5G application field experiment and security protection program with a view to strengthening 5G network security and the development of innovative application services中文

  With a view to implementing the policy objectives of the Taiwan 5G Action Plan of the Executive Yuan, NCC is promoting the 2019 National Science and Technology Development Fund subsidy program, “Project of Planning Field Experiments for 5G Vertical Applications, Regulatory Flexibility Analysis and Legal Readiness for Information Security,” which has been submitted to and approved by the Executive Yuan. The project is being undertaken with the aim of accelerating construction of 5G networks, ensuring their security and reliability and guiding the development of innovative 5G application services.

  The project will enable to NCC to strengthen and accelerate the construction of 5G networks and the development 5G vertical applications in Taiwan. Telecom operators shall be encouraged to cooperate with the relevant stakeholders (vertical application field owners, ICT equipment manufacturers, 5G system integrators, relevant government agencies, etc.) combining strengths of all parties and resulting in greater facilitation of innovation. Initial stages will focus on the PoB (Proof of Business) for intelligent traffic and ultra-high-quality real-time content transmissions.  

  Meanwhile, NCC will continually compile and analyze security issues related to 5G networks; aligning with the 5G network security protection standards and actions proposed by international and regional standards organizations, as well as other countries that have launched 5G networks, regulations relevant to 5G security will be revised and obligations of 5G operators will be clarified so as to ensure the 5G network in Taiwan can be secure and reliable.

  In the light of the fact that 5G technical standards are in the early stages of development and the construction periods of each operator vary, as well as considering the 3G, 4G, and 5G networks are heterogeneous, NCC has applied for national science and technology development programs to be undertaken over a three-year period (2020 to 2022) so that 5G field experiments can be conducted and relevant regulations adjusted. Consequently, it is expected that the 5G network security protection functions in Taiwan can be in line with international standards, sustainable development of innovative 5G application services can be promoted and all people can enjoy the convenience and application services brought by arrival of 5G.