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Issue Date:2009/08/18

NCC ratifies wholesale tariffs of internet peering submitted by the Dominant Market Player of Type I telecommunications enterprises中文

In April 2009 a dispute arose between Taiwan Fixed Network Company and Chunghwa Telecom Company over wholesale internet peering tariffs. Consequently, Chunghwa Telecom Company limited the bandwidth Taiwan Fixed Network Company rented from HiNet to 2G. After lengthy negotiations, neither side could reach agreement.

One of the functions of the NCC is to manage such disputes (Article 3 of the NCC Organization Act). Accordingly, in this case, NCC coordinated and arranged more than ten meetings for both sides to convene to discuss the situation. Finally, a solution was reached.

After deliberation and discussion at the 311th committee meeting on August 5, 2009, the NCC analyzed the proposed internet peering wholesale tariffs submitted by Chunghwa Telecom Company. The revised internet peering wholesale tariff was set at 1,480 NT/Mbps and included a discount table for bulk renting, implemented from July 1, 2009. Chunghwa Telecom Company estimated that the lowering peering price will reduce its peering income by 46.81 percent.