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The Freedom of Government Information Law and others

Issue Date:2020/10/08

Charging Standards for the Provision of Government Information中文

Charging Standards for the Provision of Government Information


Article 1 These Standards are established in accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 22 of the Freedom of Government Information Act (hereinafter the Act).


Article 2 For access, transcript or recording of information, the charge shall be NT$ 20 for every two (2) hours; less than two (2) hours shall be considered as two (2) hours.


Article 3 For reproduction or copy of information, the charge shall be based on the charging standard for reproduction or copy of information established by NCC as shown in the attached table.

For items not specified in the charging standards mentioned in the previous paragraph, the reproduction or copy shall be charged according to the cost of reproduction or copy.


Article 4 In the case where postal service is required for the reproduction or copy of information, the mail expense shall be charged at cost.


Article 5 For the request for government information for academic research or public interests, document(s) of proof shall be provided at the time of application. Upon approval of the application, all charges regarding this particular application shall be reduced by half, other than postal service charges, which, if any, shall be charged at cost.


Article 6 For the request of government information for matters specified in Paragraph 1, Article 12 of the Charges and Fees Act or for educational purpose, the information may be provided free of charge.


Article 7 The charges specified herein shall be collected according to the applicable budget procedure.


Article 8 These Standards shall be effective from the day of promulgation.

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