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  • Ph. D., School of Industrial & Systems Eng., Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA (1981)
  • Master, School of Industrial & Systems Eng., Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA USA (1976)
  • Bachelor, Department of Electronic Eng., Chung Yuan Univ. R.O.C. (1972)


  • Committee Member, Development Advisory Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs (2006.8 ~ 2006.12)
  • Acting Dean, College of Management, Chiao-Tung University. (2006.2 ~ 2006.6)
  • Associate Dean, College of Management, Chiao-Tung University. (2002.9 ~ 2006.2)
  • Professor, Institute of Technology Management, Chiao-Tung University. (2002.2 ~ present)
  • Associate Professor, Institute of Technology Management, Chiao-Tung University (1992.2 ~ 2002.2)
  • Director, Institute of Technology Management, Chiao-Tung University. (1995.8 ~ 1997.7)
  • Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell-Labs., U.S.A. (1985.5 ~ 1992.2)
  • Consultant, Contel Information Systems, Great Neck, NY, U.S.A. (1981.9 ~ 1985.5)

Publication & Paper & Patent

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  • Bi-directional Video Telephony Using Shared Channels on Coaxial Cable Network”, U.S. Patent 5343240, 8/30/1994.2.
  • “Bi-directional Video Telephony Between Cable Television and Switched Telephone”, U.S. Patent 5329308, 7/12/1994.3.
  • “Video Telephony Dialing”, U.S. Patent 5278889, 1/11/1994.


  • Telecommunications & Media Policies
  • Telecommunications Technologies & Service Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital
  • Trade Skills & High-Tech Business Management Paradigm
  • War Strategies and Competitive Advantage
  • Global High-Tech management Trends & Issues