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Promotion of the Establishment of Base Station in Public Buildings and Lands Award Ceremony held by NCC; Chairperson Chan Ting-I presents awards to agencies for extraordinary performance 中文
  Since 2014, the Executive Yuan and National Communications Commission (NCC) have jointly been promoting the establishment of base stations in public buildings. The policy has significantly impacted the mobile communications environment: from 2014 until 2017, 554 base stations in public buildings were established, with a further 93 stations in 2017; ministries and commissions of central government, including Ocean Affairs Council, Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Ministry of National Defense, have proactively cooperated with telecommunications operators to establish base stations provide citizens or passengers in areas along the coast; THSR railway and military camps have also facilitated a stable and excellent communications environment; as for county and city government, Hsinchu county, Taoyuan city and Yilan county governments have performed outstandingly. They have not only offered telecommunications operators buildings and lands to establish base stations, but have also proactively established regional telecommunications disaster prevention and mitigation platforms to enhance their disaster response capabilities and better protect all citizens; Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Economic Affairs have assisted NCC and local governments in clarifying the competent authority for base station security and have also provide telecommunications operators areas for establishing base stations and power cables. All of these have tangibly facilitated the legal protection and establishment process of base stations.
  With the assistance of public agencies through providing buildings and lands to establish base stations, the quality of telecommunications signals along public transportation routes, including those of THSR, TRA, MRT and national highways across the nation have improved significantly. The Executive Yuan is expected to continue this policy, enabling Taiwan to strengthen the mobile broadband network, reduce the digital divide between urban and rural areas, and provide excellent mobile broadband services for everyone.
NCC Chairperson Chan Ting-I speaks at the award ceremony on behalf of the Executive Yuan
Secretary General of Ocean Affairs Council Nieh Chia-Hsin (second right); Deputy Director General of Ministry of Transportation and Communications Tseng Hui-Ying (left); and Deputy Director of Ministry of National Defense Lin Hsin-Shih (right) receive awards
Director of Hsinchu County Government Chen Kuan-I (left); Analyst of Taoyuan City Government Tsou Hsu-Kang (second right); Deputy Director of Yilan County Government Li Hsin-Tai (right) receive awards
Section Chief of Ministry of the Interior Kao Wen-Ting receives the award
Deputy Director General of Ministry of Economic Affair Hsu Ming-Sheng receives the award
NCC Chairperson, Chan Ting-I with reward recipients