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Events Highlights

Chairperson Howard S. H. Shyr meets with Economic Section Chief Mr. Alan Tousignant to discuss regulatory policies of communications.中文
 A four-person delegation from the AIT Taipei Main Office, led by Economic Section Chief Mr. Alan Tousignant met with recently appointed Chairperson Howard S. H. Shyr, Vice Chairperson Hsiao-Cheng Yu, commissioners Yuan-Ling Chen, and Shin-Yi Peng on September 6, 2012. During the discussions, views were exchanged on numerous issues in respect to communication policy, including the promotion of future regulatory policies, broadcasting content and channels, the granting of 4G licenses, and future cooperation between Taiwan and the US on regulatory policies.
  During the discussions, Chairperson Shyr highlighted the need for continuity in policy, as well as the key principle that policies must consider the overall interests of the country. Chairperson Shyr also emphasized the importance of coordination between different government departments as the NCC formulates policies to ensure both the development of the communications industry and the protection of consumers’ rights. Furthermore the chairperson acknowledged that, to be resolved, most issues require not only the concerted efforts of the related ministries and departments, but also an international perspective, gained via cooperation with international organizations and bilateral meetings. Thus, NCC remains open to cooperation to ensure the interests of all parties and the maximization of public welfare.
  The development of the communications industry in the US is a worthy role model for Taiwan to learn from. NCC remains keen to strengthen the Taiwan-US partnership and continue futures exchanges regarding the development of important communications policies in both Taiwan and the US.

(From left to right) AIT Spokesperson and Officer Mr. Mark Zimmer, Section Chief Mr. Alan Tousignant, NCC Chairperson Howard Shyr, Vice Chairperson Hsiao-Cheng Yu, Commissioner Yuan-Ling Chen, and Commissioner Shin-Yi Peng