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British Office in Taipei and BBC visit NCC to discuss Broadcasting and TV development中文
  The head of Communications & Marketing of British Office in Taipei, Ms. Amanda Lin, the Director of Great China of BBC, Mr. Otto Leung and three of their colleagues, on April 11 visited NCC Commissioners Katherine Chen and Jason C.S. Ho to exchange views on foreign channels in Taiwan, tiering of cable TV, and OTT service.
  During the meeting Commissioner Chen stressed that Taiwan warmly welcomes foreign TV channels to provide service, but the audience acceptance varies due to the culture difference so that foreign channels operator may need to adjust strategies after thorough market research.
  Commissioner Ho explained audiences in Taiwan are used to watching cable TV basic channels at a fixed rate; therefore, it presents a notable challenge for channels to present their value to potential viewers. He also mentioned that NCC has been actively working on a complete overhaul of charges for cable TV service, and has also been studying the value-added service of the digital dividend of both terrestrial and cable TV. Moreover, NCC plans to extensively discuss audiovisual convergence with view to planning a more flexible system and increasing the benefits of digital dividend and welcomes a variety of opinions.
  Furthermore, Commissioner Chen said that the internet provides valuable opportunities for traditional media to expand market, consequently, OTT service has been flourishing. She is pleased to see more diversified audio-visual services in Taiwan. NCC will continue to pay attention to the development of internet governance, and hopes to create a sound internet environment by public-private partnerships.
British Office in Taipei, BBC and NCC colleagues exchange views at NCC.
NCC Commissioner Katherine Chen(center), Commissioner Jason C.S. Ho (center right), head of Communications & Marketing of British Office in Taipei, Ms. Amanda Lin (center left)and colleagues.