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NCC commissioner Chen-Ling Hung visited the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and exchanged knowledge with Canadian Chief Administrator and Members of Parliament中文
  To understand the international trend of digital streaming and broadcasting policies, NCC commissioner Chen-Ling Hung went to Canada from June 13 to 17 and visited the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications (CRTC), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the Canada Media Fund (CMF). During the visit, she also met with the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Minister of Democratic Institutions, and several Members of Parliament. It was a valuable exchange between Taiwan and Canada over broadcasting policies and the broadcasting industry.
  Commissioner Chen-Ling Hung also took part in ‘The Future of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Broadcasting: Conversation and Convergence’ to introduce Taiwan’s indigenous people’s broadcasting policy to convention participants and the Canadian academic community to raise the visibility of Taiwan. This participation was an opportunity to learn about Canada’s indigenous people’s broadcasting policy and the process of civilian involvement in policy institution, which could serve as examples for Taiwan.
  Through the efforts of Chief Commissioner Ting-Yi Chan to promote international cooperation and enhance Taiwan’s broadcasting industry, Chen-Ling Hung visited the related departments during her visit to study how the system works and how the broadcasting industry manages to grow despite the changes in the industry. Over the long-term, Canada is subject to US cultural input and thus the protection has been the toehold to cultivate its own broadcasting industry. In recognizing the popularity and growth of both the variety in broadcasting and the existence of internet movie services, the Canadian government has adjusted its own broadcasting policy on the basis of protection and has turned it into a promotion strategy to make Canadian programs recognized on the global stage.
  In Canada, the Ministry of Canadian Heritage is responsible for cultural and linguistic renaissance and it has multiple funding sources to support cultural activities, the broadcasting industry and linguistic research. CMF is one of the major sponsors for the broadcasting industry and is in charge of promoting Canadian broadcasting industry. CBC on the other hand, is a major producer in the broadcasting industry. CRTC is accountable for broadcasting and telecommunication, and manages the on-air hours and investment of Canadian broadcasting industry through regulations in the broadcasting business. Recently CRTC has proposed a new TV policy ‘Lets Talk TV’ to cover all sorts of broadcasting marketing channels and policies, e.g. TV licence fee policy, to protect the rights of consumers and bring about film industry reforms. Clearly, these are all brilliant examples for Taiwan to consider.
  The visit of Commissioner Chen-Ling Hung coincided with National Aboriginal Day and Canada’s 150th anniversary of independence celebrations. At the National Indigenous People’s Conference, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Hon. Melanie Joly spoke about indigenous people’s broadcasting in Canada. Canada puts strong emphasis on ethnic languages and cultural policy. In addition, thanks to the delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Canada, Chen-Ling Hung also visited the parliament hill and met with the Minister of Democratic Institutions, Karina Gould and former Chief Prosecutor Wayne Easter, and also nine incumbent Members of Parliament, Robert Falcon Ouellette, Helene Laverdiere, Mary Ng, Seamus O'Regan, Bernadette Jordan, Christie Moore and Geng Tan. The Canadian delegations were delighted to have continuing interaction with Taiwan.
  Through this visit, the NCC has learned that the energy and growth of a nation’s broadcasting industry needs full collaboration between public and private sectors, especially for the contemplation of protection and promotion. Taiwan is a part of the world and only continuous focus on international trends and experience exchanges combined with solid policies can Taiwan be able to compete globally.
A picture of Commissioner Chen-Ling Hung with the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Hon. Melanie Joly having discussions about the aboriginal broadcasting policy.
Chen-Ling Hung visited the CRTC (participants from left to right are: Ms. Tamara Papin, Analyst Strategic Policy and International Affairs (Policy sector), Ms. Soniya Mukhedkar, Manager Strategic Policy and International Affairs (Policy sector), Ms. Debora Gill, Senior Manager Distribution Policy and Applications (Broadcasting sector), Mr. Peter Foster, Director General, Television Policy and Applications (Broadcasting sector), Commissioner Chen-Ling Hung and Shen-Wu Song, the news director of Taiwan’s delegation in Canada).
Chen-Ling Hung visited the CBC (participants from left to right are: Chen-Ling Hung, Mr. Shaun Poulter, Executive Director of Public affairs, Michael Mooney, Executive Director of Corporate Finance and Administration, Liliane Lê, Senior Manager, Government Relations and Shen-Wu Song, the news director of Taiwan’s delegation in Canada).
Commissioner Chen-Ling Hung visited the Canadian capital and exchanged ideas with Members of Parliament on different subjects. In the picture, members from left to right are: Shen-Wu Song, the news director of Taiwan’s delegation in Canada, Member of Parliament, Robert Falcon Ouellette, Commissioner Chen-Ling Hung, and Member of Parliament, Seamus O’Regan.