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Research Reports in 2020

Issue Date:2021/03/29

A Study for the Design of New Spectrum Management Scheme with Flexibility Mechanism through Experimental Verification中文

This research aims to demonstrate the applicability of the dynamic spectrum sharing mechanism that suits our national conditions, and to verify the service operation and management system of the shared frequency database service.  It is hoped that the experience and suggestions obtained can be used by the competent authority to introduce new supervisors for more flexible use of spectrum in the future.  The reference of the model further ensures that our country's spectrum resources can be fully supplied and effectively used, and can be closely aligned with international spectrum regulation and application trends.

It is mainly refers to the development experience of the US 3.5GHz band operating hierarchical spectrum sharing mechanism.  We invited domestic mobile operators, mobile communication equipment manufacturers, and shared frequency database management agencies certified by the US federal government to participate the implementation of the spectrum allocation experimental platform.  The system and equipment solutions with commercial operational maturity was introduced.  To conduct research and develop tests for the direct and indirect connection status of shared frequency equipment to the shared frequency database, and related factors such as communication efficiency, reliability, spectrum efficiency and information security cases, evaluation indicators and test standards are verified in the actual field of the laboratory and indoor and outdoor environments.

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