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Meeting information

Commission Meeting

        The National Communications Commission (NCC) is a legal and independent organization with a collegial system. The highest policy-making body is the Commission Meeting, in which the formation, affirmation, and publication of the commission meeting minutes are conducted according to the NCC Organization Act and Meeting Rules. Based on Item 1, Article 9 of the NCC Organization Act, the Commission shall hold a weekly meeting and when necessary, an additional meeting may be held. The affirmation and publication of the minutes are scheduled to Article 11 and Item 2, Article 15 of NCC Meeting Rules accordingly. The minutes are delivered to participants of the next Commission Meeting for affirmation and are published on the NCC website to ensure transparency of the decision process. In addition, considering that the administration of the Commission greatly concerns the rights of citizens, the Commission publishes the agenda of the commission meetings before the convening of the meeting.

        Participation of the public in monitoring is a key policy of the Commission. Although the Commission Meeting itself is not public, to facilitate public participation and provide all groups or citizens in the society with opportunities to participate in policy decision making, the Commission analyzes requirements of bills of consideration and according to Item 6, Article 9 of the NCC Organization Act may invite academics and specialists to participate in NCC meetings. Relevant agencies, enterprises or groups may also be requested to send representatives to attend, give statements, and provide explanatory information or present opinions. Accordingly, the Commission will invite various citizen groups to send representatives and provide opinions for consideration in regards to policy.

The consideration bill names past commission meetings since the establishment of NCC in February, 2006 ; refer to the summary table of Commission Meetings.

Commission sub-group meeting

        According to Paragraph 5, Item 2, Article 8 of NCC Organization Act, review of industry and public announcements, permits and dispositions is the responsibility of the Commission. However, in order to protect the rights of citizens and increase administrative efficiency of conducting cases defined by the above Act, the Commission has drawn up the Operation Directions of National Communication Commission in Dealing with Industry Public Announcements, Permits and Dispositions. These directions have been implemented since June 16, 2006 and enables industry and public announcements, permits and dispositions to be considered by the Commission sub-group Meeting based on Item 4, Article 9 of NCC Organization Act.

        According to above directions, the Commission sub-group Meeting is made up of three commissioners. The meeting is held on average twice weekly; its decisions shall be implemented after the approbation of all commissioners. Representatives within the authority, with a status higher than section chief, shall attend the Commission sub-group Meeting for specific explanation of certain areas. According to guidelines, if any commissioner has a dissenting opinion, the entire bill, with the reservations of the Commissioner, shall be presented to the Commission Meeting for consideration. To accord with governmental transparency, both minutes of the Commission sub-group Meeting and Commission Meeting are published on the NCC website.