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NCC Chairperson Chan, Ting-I introduced NCC’s efforts to promote IoT at 2017 EU-Taiwan Telecom Forum中文
  On April 18, NCC Chairperson Chan, Ting-I was invited to give the opening remarks at the “2017 EU-Taiwan Telecom Forum” held by the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT). She introduced NCC policy concerning the development of the digital economy and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  During her remarks, Chairperson Chan noted the technology has facilitated the digital economy flourish in the networks and stimulated innovation, employment, and economic growth. She also pointed out the advanced countries have recently shifted their interests from the convergence of different industries to how the new digital services enhance infrastructure deployment. This has enabled people and enterprises to gain the required digital skills to fully recognize and grasp opportunities in the digital economy.
  She also mentioned that since the digital economy encompassing various areas, it can be difficult to define the term “enterprise” based on the internet governance principle. Consequently, it has become a challenge for the authorities to enforce regulations. As such, comprehensive observations and timely dialogue with the community to understand the significant issues have become necessary. Moreover, in the era of the digital economy, regulation of the essential facilities of infrastructure, spectrum management, fixed broadband and international mobile roaming are still key issues. In addition to taking the necessary measures to ensure fair market competition, it is appropriate to adopt a light-touch approach so as to avoid hindering innovation in the emerging economic model.
  Chairperson Chan explained the Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan has initiated the DIGI+ plan, which runs from 2017 to 2025. As part of the plan, NCC will actively accord with government policy to ensure a fair competitive market and provide progressive spectrum policy to facilitate the basic environment for digital innovation, as well as enhance the added value of digital economy, and protect digital human rights.
  NCC has taken the lead by drawing up and promoting the “Telecommunications Management Act” and “Digital Communications Act” under a converged legal framework, which instill the spirit of “internet governance.” Meanwhile, NCC will continue to regulate the market order of the traditional broadcasting sector and cross-platform environment. In addition, NCC will shortly begin planning for legal adjustments related to three broadcasting acts so as to effectively integrate them into the digital economic environment. Moreover, turning to the development of IoT, which relies on resources and regulations, NCC will continue its work on spectrum and number supply, adopt the appropriate measures for radio-frequency devices, and relax the pilot application procedure so as to be in line with international trends – all to promote digital economic developments in Taiwan.
  Taking the example of her attending the World Mobile Congress in the end of February, Chairperson Chan explained how extensive impact of IoT is and thought that information science, privacy, cyber security, intellectual property rights, freedom of speech, transparency, consumers’ rights and interests, innovation and creativity, employment and skills, digital conversion, digital divide, digital economy and sharing economy all are inevitable issues. Although this situation presents various challenges, the chairperson also stressed the significant opportunities on the road ahead has made the cooperation important for mobile society and digital economy.
  Finally, she emphasized that the real challenge of our mobile world is not the technology, but the changes of economic and social norms. This is the real core issue. She therefore expressed the hope that ministries, enterprises and individuals can face the economic and social issues brought by digital conversion together to ensure a secure environment and a progress of capacity building. She also stressed the stakeholders should continue discussions the important issues. The government shall improve the regulatory environment and establish governance mechanisms to efficiently respond to international trend to benefit the people and the country.
NCC Chairperson Chan, Ting-I (third right), ECCT Chairman Håkan Cervell (second right), ECCT Telecom, Media and Content Committee Chair Michael Shieh (fourth right), Deputy Head of European Economic and Trade Office, Ms.Viktoria Lovenberg (fourth left), Regional Sales Manager of Telenor Connexion, Mr. Kam Eng Liang (first right), Research Associate of European Centre for International Political Economy, Ms. Martina Francesca Ferracane (first left), General Manger of,Asia, Mr. Thomas Kuiper (second left), Professor of Taiwan University, Dr. Zse hong Tsai (third left)
NCC Chairperson Chan, Ting-I gives the opening remarks.