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Public Telecommunications

Issue Date:2024/03/28

Directions for Applying to Register as a Telecommunications Enterprise中文

1. In accordance with Paragraph 4, Article 6 of the Telecommunications Management Act,
the application form, procedures, and other related matters for the application for
registration of telecommunication enterprises have been stipulated.
2. Eligibility: telecommunications service providers that provide telecommunications
services, or those that engage in one of the acts described in Article 5 of the
Telecommunications Management Act.
3. Telecommunications service providers qualified under the Article 2 above and applying for
registration shall submit an application form to the competent authority for processing.
The aforementioned application form shall contain the following items:
(1) The name and residence of the applicant and the contact person: the name of the
company, the location of the company, the name of the representative, the
nationality, the national ID card or passport number, and residence. If the applicant
is a non-national, the contact person shall be a native of the country and reside
within the country.
(2) Company or business registration document number: the company or business
registration document shall be attached.
(3) Service content and business overview
(4) A photocopy of the telecommunications network framework or of the public
telecommunications network use certificate: If the telecommunications network
framework is not in Chinese language, it shall be accompanied by a Chinese
The service content and business overview shall contain the following items for
applicants who apply for registration of subscriber number wholesale and resale service:
(1) Company (business) introduction.
(2) The contents of the telecommunications services provided.
(3) The manner of accepting applications for telecommunications services.
(4) Operation flow (including flowchart) related to service content.
(5) Manpower allocation and system setup.
(6) Documentation of the implementation of the regulations and guidelines of the
competent authority on the management of telecommunications number usage.
(7) Documentation of the intent to cooperate with the telecommunications enterpriser
that has been allocated subscriber numbers, as well as a description and illustration
of the network framework.
When deemed necessary, the competent authority shall notify the applicant to make
corrections to incomplete documents in the preceding two paragraphs within a
prescribed deadline; the competent authority may reject the application if the
corrections are not made within the deadline or the corrective actions are deemed
Telecommunications enterprises shall submit relevant documents to apply for changing
registration within 30 days from the date of change of registration.

After the registration of a telecommunications enterprise, the enterprise shall apply for
allocation or approval in accordance with the provisions of the Telecommunications
Management Act for the use of radio frequencies, telecommunications numbers, or the
setting up of the public telecommunications network.
4. Telecommunications enterprises qualified under the Article 2 above may apply for
registration online in accordance with the regulations.
5. The application forms and procedures are as shown in Table 1 and Appendix 1; and the
format of the certificate of telecommunications enterprise registration is shown in Appendix 2.

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