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Issue Date:2007/06/18

APEC Guidelines for Regional Harmonisation of Equipment Certification

The aim is to ensure that technical regulations and procedures for telecommunications equipment facilitate trade and investment flows. The objective is to develop a set of harmonised procedures for the certification of telecommunications equipment and recognition of technical test data. This is to enable equipment to be provided at lower prices for end-users and at the same time, to improve market access for suppliers to APEC Economies.

APEC Economies are encouraged to adopt the following procedure:

1. Administrative procedures governing the processing of applications for the certification of customer equipment should:
    - be non-discriminatory and transparent;
    - be undertaken in a manner which is functionally independent from network  operations;and
    - be harmonised across the APEC region.

2. Technical regulations relating to attachment of equipment to the public network should be limited to those necessary to:
    - prevent harm to a public network, or network operator personnel; 
    - ensure electromagnetic compatibility with other systems and users of the radio spectrum;
    - prevent billing malfunctions and fraudulent use of the public network; ensure product safety;
    - address the needs of persons with disabilities to access public networks or services if required;
    - ensure access to mandated emergency services through public telecommunications networks or services;
    - ensure interworking of terminal equipment with the network; maintain satisfactory transmission quality; and
    - ensure interoperability of standard telephone service.

3. Network performance based technical regulations should be phased out as the technical infrastructure of member economies are upgraded.

4. The development of technical regulations should be as open as possible to all interested parties.

5. Technical regulations, wherever possible, should conform to international standards.

6. Customer equipment regulations, including the interface between customer equipment and a public network, should be publicly available.

7. The requirements for mandatory certification of customer equipment should be restricted to equipment which is connected directly to the public network interface or which may cause harm or interference to the network, users of the network, or to other users of the radio spectrum.

8. Certification procedures should:
    - be streamlined so as to minimise administrative obstacles and costs to equipment suppliers;
    - provide a transparent and reasonably short period for approval or issue of certification;
    - prevent favoritism or inconsistent treatment to various suppliers;
    - be supported by appeal and review processes that are appropriate to the Member Economy's policies and regulations.

9. Certification should be on the basis of type of equipment, rather than item by item, wherever possible.

10. APEC Member Economies should accord mutual acceptance of test data from other Members provided that the testing is performed in accordance with the accepting Economy's standards and technical requirements.