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Research Reports in 2021

Issue Date:2022/03/08

Communications Market Report 2021

    The 2021 Report on Communications Market is the National Communications Commission’s (NCC) fifth annual comprehensive report on the communications industry both at home and abroad. Normally, such reports not only present statistics on industry supply, but also outline the results of a market survey with the aim of providing a general overview of specific developments and trends in Taiwan. However, due to the difficulty of conducting market surveys during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s communications market report shifts its focus to industry trends and includes an analysis of the structure of both domestic and international communications industries, demand trends in global markets, as well as the industry’s responses and countermeasures.

    This year’s report provides a detailed summary of changes seen over the past few years and an analysis of both domestic and international markets being affected by the pandemic; the report also outlines key developments and trends, as well as the current challenges and opportunities for the communications industry in Taiwan and suggests appropriate regulatory measures to encourage development.

  • Communications Market Report 2021
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  • 2021 Communications Market Report in Taiwan
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