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Research Reports in 2021

Issue Date:2022/06/08

A study of international mobile broadband trend, spectrum release mechanism and related regulatory system中文

The development of 5G, which is critical to network society and digital economy of all countries, has attracted extensive attention worldwide. In order to follow up international mobile broadband technologies and development trend of frequency use, we conduct research on frequency release plans, consideration factors and supporting measures of world’s major countries and regions, which include UK, EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Mainland China, etc. We analyze the regulation and adjustment of policies under its background, summarize the promotion strategy of 5G network, as well as development of vertical industries, Local 5G and private networks of enterprise. This research also analyzes issues about international practices of closing 3G or UMTS network services and development of alternatives, development trend and international regulatory policy of low earth orbit satellite communications. Besides, for completing and improving regulatory policy of communication, we broadly seek opinions of industry, government, academy and research through seminars, summarize research results and bring up feasible suggestions in accordance with our own background, which can be used as a reference for future wireless broadband release planning.

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